• Garten vom Hotel Atrio mit Meerblick
  • Aussicht vom Pool
  • Patio vom Hotel Atrio
  • Weg zum Zimmer

Swimming pool

The hotel Atrio owns a 4x12 m swimming pool which is heated up to 21ºC. The water is treated by electrolyse which gives a clean but smooth water. The swimming pool is set in a 12.000 m2 garden with sea view. Sun beds, cushions, towels for the swimming pool are free.


The heart of the hotel is made of the courtyard with its lemon, orange and grapefruit trees.

Mediterran and subtropical gardens

These gardens have been designed by the english landscape architect Gerald Luckhust. Gerald has been living for a long time in Portugal and is an expert for subtropical flora. His book "the Gardens of Madeira" ( Frances Lincoln Ltd. is a reference for the gardens on Madeira.
The mediterran garden presents typical plants such as Olive trees, fig trees, rosebay, lavender, rosemary, sage , etc. The sub tropical garden shows palm trees (Phoenix Roebelinii, Archontophoenix, Encephalartos lehmanii), Spanish dagger (Yucca), Orange and black Bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae und Strelitzia Nicolae), African Lily ( Agapanthus), Glory bush ( Tibuchina Urvilleana) et Banana trees.

Endemic garden

Typical maderain plants and trees are to be seen in this endemic garden : trees of the laurel family ( Ocotea foetens- fetid laurel-, laurus azorica - bay tree , apollonias Barbujana- Canary laurel, persea Indica - Madeira mahogany), Pride of madeira ( Echium Candicans, Echium nervosum) , Dragon tree ( dracaena draco), Tree heather ( erica Arborea), Besom heath ( erica scoparia) , etc.

Vegetable Garden

The hotel Atrio's vegetable garden is set on 1.500 m2. The vegetables and aromatic herbs are processed in the kitchen of the hotel for the preparation of the meals. The lemons, oranges, clementines and grapefruits are for the breakfast buffet. Raspberries, blueberries, red and black currants are for the jams, for the breakfast buffet and for the desserts.