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Description of the route from the Airport to Atrio

If you follow this description our hotel should be easy to find. It is located in "Estreito da Calheta". At the airport, take the "Via Rapida" (dual carriageway) towards "Ribeira Brava". In "Ribeira Brava" you will find a roundabout with the direction of "Ponta do Sol" (through a tunnel) Pass the next roundabouts and tunnels with direction "Madalena do Mar". Pass " Madalena do Mar" with direction " Calheta" until you arrive at a roundabout. Take direction Prazeres. After 2 tunnel take the 2. Exit direction Estreito da Calheta (in a roundabout) and follow this direction. You will arrive on the old mountain road in front of the bank Santander Totta. Turn left heading for Prazeres /Porto Moniz. 2 Km after the bank the forest begins after a bend to the right. Left you will find an official sign indicating "Atrio". Turn right off the main road and follow the forestall path that goes left towards the forest. After 150 meters you will find the Atrio on the on the right.

If you have any problems finding us:  

Tel : (00351) 291.820.400

Mobil : (00351)

Hotel Atrio, caminho dos moinhos 218, estreito da calheta, Calheta, Madeira.

 atrio arrival map