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History of Atrio

The Hotel Atrio was built in 2001 in the style of the old maderian Quintas. The name of Quinta stands today for a manor house owned once by rich merchant families and landowners. However at the beginning of the settlement, the name stood for a country house with a small farm incorporated, as it still does on the continent. The guest house was to be run as a bed and breakfast with its typical individual and personal service.The 10 rooms were all individually decorated. However to meet the expectations and demand of the guests, it was soon necessary to add a restaurant and a few rooms. The hotel was originally set on 4.000 m2 land. The owners bought a few plots of land next to the hotel to secure the view, to have enough parking space and to secure the future of the property as a hotel. The Hotel stands now on 17.000 m2. During the winter of 2015, the Atrio was renovated and extended to 22 rooms.


Our Philosophy

The concept of the hotel Atrio is to create a harmony between the people involved and the surrounding nature. For this, special care has been given to the choice of the architecture to fit well in the surrounding countryside. The courtyard as well has an appeasing and relaxing effect on the visitors. The restaurant promotes local products and ingredients. The meals are homemade. The hotel commits itself to the conservation of nature. It has set up a program to use sustainable energy such as sun and heat pumps. In its daily management, the Hotel Atrio commits itself to pay its suppliers cash and to enforce fair policies towards its staff.


The Owners

Emmanuelle und Mickael Loret were born in France, they lived in England and Germany, and speak 4 languages, english, french, german and portugues. They both studied Business administration. They are now running the sort of accommodation they would have welcomed when they were travellers.